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morE than just music

Liquid Mixes is a specialist music service provider that was founded in 2008 by DJ and Producer Danny Bonnici.


At Liquid Mixes, Danny offers a range of services including Stereo Mixing and Mastering as well as specialising in Mixing and Mastering services in Dolby Atmos format.


Liquid Mixes also provides Education and Consultancy services to established and aspiring artists globally at an affordable rate.

The company provides state of the art facilities including an 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos mixing rig and unique services with a focus on improving the end result for clients through expert advice.

Liquid Mixes offers mentoring and engineering support for the music creation process and provides curriculum and training classes for Ableton in Australia. The company has intricate knowledge of music production and can help artists work stand out and achieve the results they are looking for.

The experience you receive will leave you inspired, excited, and the feeling that Liquid Mixes is more than just a place to get your work mixed, engineered or mastered.

…It’s a place that helps you take your vision to a polished unimaginable state.



Here at Liquid Mixes, we pride ourselves not only on our skills and our studio, but our analogue and digital mastering and mixing equipment which we use in  the services listed below.

: Analogue Mastering

: Mixing from stems

: Production Lessons and Mentoring

: Dolby Atmos Mixing and Mastering Specialist

Examples of Work


"I've had the pleasure of working with Danny on quite a few of our key projects and found him to be extremely reliable and the quality of his work is always very high... If I were to rate his mastering output as a record

review, I'd give him 5 dancing men"

 - Tom Pandzic (Balance)

"Using Danny to master our new remixes was a great experience. He listens to what you want and knows how to get the results. Efficient and a great pair of ears"

 - Jamie Stevens

"Top mastering from Danny. He definitely delivers the high standard quality we look for in our music"

 - Hernan Cattaneo

“When I mixed my Balance 029 compilation I became completely obsessed with every aspect of it, from the mixing stage all the way through to the CD packaging design and so mastering the project was incredibly important to me. In hindsight I can see I was a nightmare customer but Dan had the patience of a saint and ears of gold. The mix went on to win awards, was critically acclaimed and Dan was absolutely instrumental in that happening. The mix still stands as something I’m truly proud of and I’m so grateful to have had Dan in my corner on the project. He went way beyond the call of duty as a mastering engineer."

- James Zabiela

"When it comes to mastering anything for the dance floor, Danny Bonnici is the man. His years of experience gives our remixes that final sparkle and world class feel "

-James Ware Forum 5

Student feedback

Music Production for me has a been a long and hard road.

About 18 months ago, I got put on to Danny from some friends’ recommendations.

After having a detailed chat before the lesson to discuss what I was after, I instantly knew I found the right place.


Without a doubt, Danny has a strong sense of responsibility towards his students, this attitude can be seen from the constant honest feedback he gives, his enthusiasm in music production and his passion for teaching.

I can honestly say having a mentor like Danny, has been the best thing I have done for my Music Production. Every question or problem I have faced, Danny will go into great detail explaining it in a simple way for me to grasp. This is across the board, Mixing, Sound design, Music theory, Arrangement, the works.


Every lesson is tailored to what I want to learn and what areas my music needs focusing on. There are a lot of people who won’t show you their “secret tricks “ ‘But Danny is a open book. He cares more about sharing his knowledge and helping students be the best they can be.  


I now have a structured enjoyable way of working and my music has improved more than I could possibly imagine.

These lessons really are a highlight for me, something I will continue to look forward to in the future!


To the artist of concern,

I've known Danny for close to 2 decades as a musician and adoring fan, however, on a professional level, our working relationship kicked off with a mix down project in 2014 .  Since then I've not found anyone else to provide the same level of audio engineering/mastering skills that Danny holds, he now does all of my Uone artist and Beat & Path label mastering work.


Further to this, Danny has been an amazing support to me as an artist and friend who has taken on the role of mentor/coach and personal role model.  This perspective of our relationship kicked into this level when I started my journey for my first album. Danny naturally shared his expert knowledge and experiences with his production and coached me through my vulnerable and challenging days.  

I wouldn't be the artist I am today without Danny, forever grateful and can't recommend him enough.


Big love

Ewan Scott/Uone



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